Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Types of hydroponic cultivation systems plant

In the garden it is important to gain an insight into hydroponically-type plants growing system that you will use. The type of system is largely dependent on the growth of plants. Below are some of the systems and techniques for hydroponic gardening.

One of the most frequently used hydroponic techniques is the deep water culture. In essence, this plant growing system maintains the roots of the plants in nutrient-rich solution. This technique is best used with small or medium-sized plants that grow together, for example, herbs, flowers and even lettuce.

If you plan on ever larger plants, is probably the better option nutrient Film technique. The principle is, as well as the deep water culture as the plants are fed using a thin film of solution, which flows through the roots of plants. It is important to bear in mind, however, that when growing larger plants, should be sufficiently expanded to ensure that each plant will receive all the nutrients they need.

Expandable drip plant growing system serves primarily large plants. While similar to the culture of the deep water this technique uses the plants in the growing medium in the basket. Water and nutrients, which are constantly dripping through the growing medium, ensures that the plants have stocks of nutrients. Excess water is usually recycled in the system to save money. Plants, which use this system include tomatoes, peppers, pineapple and other tropical plants.

Similar to the drip technique flow and outflow is the growing system, this works temporarily flooding of plant growth is a tray with Nutrient solution so that it receives its nutrients. The solution is then pumped away back to the stack to be used again. It's a flexible plant growing system that is suitable for a wide range of plants and also the growing medium.

And, finally, is the beginning of the path for all plants, reproduction. The multiplication of hydroponic systems can be used with the seeds and cuttings. In many systems is actually drawn through the nutrient, which spray device on plants or create a fog. This fog provides the right level of water, nutrients and moisture for the plants to thrive, however, take care to ensure the system allows enough oxygen for growing plants. Naturally, the multiplication of sets are intended for short-term use as soon as they have developed all of the plants may be moved to one of the above systems.

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